1. Tri-Alkali by Pure Encapsulations - 12.4 oz (351g)

Tri-Alkali by Pure Encapsulations - 12.4 oz (351g)
Tri-Alkali by Pure Encapsulations - 12.4 oz (351g)

Tri-Alkali by Pure Encapsulations - 12.4 oz (351g)

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Tri-Alkali by Pure Encapsulations - 12.4 oz (351g)
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Tri-Alkali by Pure Encapsulations

Supports healthy acid-alkaline balance in the body for healthy bone and kidney metabolism*

Acid-alkaline balance is important for maintaining a wide range of physiological functions. Diets high in animal and grain proteins contribute to the body's acid load. As recent research highlights, an alkaline environment may be especially important for healthy bones as well as healthy calcium, oxalate and uric acid metabolism. In one randomized, double-blind trial with postmenopausal women, an increase in alkali status via potassium citrate supported healthy bone composition of the neck, vertebrae and hip.

Supplementation provided sustained systemic alkalization. Potassium citrate and calcium citrate supported enhanced alkali status better than either compound alone, as demonstrated in a crossover study involving postmenopausal women. This had an impact on bone resorption markers and enhanced absorbed calcium, supporting bone health. Other trials have found a positive effect of alkaline support on bone histology, bone cell function and bone mineralization. In another trial, co-administration of potassium citrate and calcium citrate maintained healthy oxalate and uric acid metabolism in postmenopausal women.*

• Maintains healthy acid-alkaline balance*
• Promotes bone health*
• Made with hypoallergenic, vegetarian ingredients
• Convenient powder formula for easy dispensing

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