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Rentone Drops by Ayush Herbs - 2 Oz
Rentone Drops 2oz by Ayush Herbs

Rentone Drops by Ayush Herbs - 2 Oz

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Rentone Drops by Ayush Herbs
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Rentone Drops by Ayush Herbs

Used for kidney and urinary conditions. It contains Shilajeet, a mineral-rich mixture of low molecular weight organic compounds originating in the steep rocks of the northwestern belt of the Himalayas. Shilajeet has been traditionally used in Ayurveda for genito-urinary infections, blood sugar disorder, lung support and stomach problems. Tribulus terrestris, also known as Gokhru, is an Ayurvedic herb whose spiny fruits are tonic and diuretic. The seeds of Ocimum sanctum, also known as sweet basil, are considered demulcent, diaphoretic and diuretic. Research has shown cranberrys ability to help maintain healthy urinary tract function.

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