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Magnesium Citramate by Thorne - 90 Capsules
Magnesium Citramate by Thorne - 90 Capsules

Magnesium Citramate by Thorne - 90 Capsules

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Magnesium Citramate by Thorne - 90 Capsules
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Magnesium Citramate by Thorne

Our best absorbed form of magnesium*

  • magnesium deficiency is common in the American diet
  • magnesium supplementation benefits energy production, cardiac function, carbohydrate metabolism, and pulmonary function*
  • citrate and malate chelates enhance Krebs cycle function and energy production
  • supports optimal muscle function*
Product Description

Magnesium CitraMate provides magnesium bound to citrate-malate for superior absorption.* Both magnesium and malic acid have been found to provide support to individuals with muscle tenderness and fatigue.* A study of 24 individuals found malic acid along with 300 mg magnesium (equivalent to 2 capsules of Magnesium CitraMate) taken two times daily provided significant support in measurements of tenderness and discomfort.*

Magnesium is present in all cells of the body and is involved in over 300 enzymatic processes, including energy production.* Magnesium is essential for maintaining normal bone density, normal cardiac rhythmicity, normal pulmonary function, and normal blood glucose regulation.* Other body functions requiring magnesium include nerve conduction, methyl-group transfer, conversion of pyridoxine to pyridoxal 5'-phosphate (the active form of vitamin B6), production of energy, and muscle contraction.* Magnesium supplementation appears to be a significant support to maintaining already normal bone density.*

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