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L-Carnitine by Thorne - 60 Capsules
L-Carnitine by Thorne - 60 Capsules

L-Carnitine by Thorne - 60 Capsules

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L-Carnitine by Thorne - 60 Capsules
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L-Carnitine by Thorne

The amino acid L-carnitine is a cofactor that is required for the metabolism of fats and their subsequent transport into the mitochondria, where they undergo oxidation and produce energy.* L-carnitine is probably best known for its cardiac support benefits.* In the heart muscle, L-carnitine facilitates fatty acid use, and support rhythm, myocardial blood flow, and cardiac output.*

L-carnitine has also been shown to benefit athletic performance.* For example, studies show improvements in running speed, increased maximal oxygen uptake, and decreases in average oxygen consumption, heart rate, and lactic acid.* L-carnitine has been shown to help maintain normal levels of total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, lipoprotein(a) (associated with LDL cholesterol), and triglycerides already in the normal range.* L-carnitine also promotes healthy sperm count and sperm motility.*

• Brain/Nerves*
• Heart/Vessels*

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