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Kids Ashwagandha Drops by Ayush Herbs - 2 fl Oz
Kids Ashwagandha Drops 2oz Ayush Herbs

Kids Ashwagandha Drops by Ayush Herbs - 2 fl Oz

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Kids Ashwagandha Drops by Ayush Herbs
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Kids Ashwagandha Drops by Ayush Herbs

Withania somnifera, also known as Indian Ginseng, is an adaptogenic herb with benefits for all ages. Ashwagandha can benefit the immune system for seasonal challenges. It also has calming and focusing effects for students and helps calm the mind for restful sleep. Our careful farming, proprietary extraction technique and great taste provide the quality you expect and a flavor kids will enjoy.

Help your children focus better and stay calm with Ashwagandha Cognitive & Adrenal Support Drops For Kids by Ayush Herbs. This Doctor formulated and recommended drop blend can also help with sleep and anxiety disorders. As we know, Ashwagandha is a potent superherb that helps protect you from the damaging effects of stress and anxiety. It is also proven to help enhance focus and mental stamina, reduce irritability and lessen stress-related carb cravings. Ashwagandha also provides all sorts of other benefits for your body and brain. It can help lower blood sugar levels, reduce cortisol, and boost brain function. Plus our Ashwagandha Drops for Kids have a pleasant taste of cinnamon and comes with an easy-to-use dropper. In short, if there is one daily supplement for your children to take every day to help keep them healthy and strong… this is it!

·        Adaptogen

·        Supports fortification of the body's resilience, energy, and overall health

·        Promotes a healthy stress response

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