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HMF Immune Powder by Genestra - 30 Sachets
HMF Immune Powder by Genestra - 30 Sachets

HMF Immune Powder by Genestra - 30 Sachets

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HMF Immune Powder by Genestra - 30 Sachets
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HMF Immune Powder by Genestra

HMF Immune Powder combines 17 essential vitamins and minerals with five research-driven probiotic strains to support overall well-being, gastrointestinal health and immune function. This blend offers zinc with vitamins C and D to support immune health by regulating the production and activity of immune cells. It also offers B vitamins to support energy metabolism, plus electrolytes to help good health.

Notably, approximately 80% of the body’s immunologically active cells are located in gut-associated lymphoid tissue, demonstrating an important interaction between the intestines and the immune system. Each convenient, once-daily sachet of HMF Immune Powder provides 15 billion CFU of probiotic strains clinically demonstrated to support gastrointestinal and immune health. In one trial, 12.5 billion CFU of HMF probiotics and 50 mg of vitamin C were found to support upper respiratory tract health in schoolchildren, while another study reported that 2 billion CFU of Bl-04 promoted upper respiratory immune health in adults. Available in a delicious, natural mixed berry-flavored formula, HMF Immune Powder is an easy way to increase vitamin, mineral and probiotic intake for overall, gastrointestinal and immune health support.*

• Helps to maintain immune and gastrointestinal health*
• Provides 15 billion CFU per dose from a combination of five proprietary strains
• Includes 10 vitamins and seven minerals to help maintain good health*
• Convenient, once-daily powder format
• Delicious, natural mixed berry flavor

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