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Curcumin 97% by Ayush Herbs - 90 VCaps
Curcumin 97% 90 vcaps by Ayush Herbs

Curcumin 97% by Ayush Herbs - 90 VCaps

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Curcumin 97% by Ayush Herbs
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Curcumin 97% by Ayush Herbs

Curcumin 97%™ (the active constituent of turmeric) has been used for centuries in foods for its health-supporting benefits such as maintaining healthy inflammatory and metabolic responses. Curcumin helps to maintain healthy inflammation through multiple cellular mechanisms. It is also known to have important antioxidant properties and helps support the body’s natural detoxification, liver, and cognitive functions. This purified form without enhanced absorption curcuminoids is most helpful for gastrointestinal health.

• Rich in antioxidants
• Supports liver function
• Promotes nourishment of brain tissues
• Supports a healthy inflammatory response
• Naturally grown Himalayan herbs
• In-house extraction to ensure purity
• Third-party tested for heavy metals

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