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Chiro Klenz Tea - Regular by Edom Labs - 30 tea bags
Chiro Klenze Tea

Chiro Klenz Tea - Regular by Edom Labs - 30 tea bags

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Chiro Klenz Tea - Regular by Edom Labs - 30 tea bags
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Chiro Klenze Tea by Edom Labs

Chiro-Klenz Tea helps clean out the colon by eliminating toxic buildup.

It reduces gas, bloating and aids in overall healthy body function.

CHIRO KLENZE TEA - CUPChiro-Klenz Tea is:

  • All natural
  • Great tasting
  • Caffeine & carbohydrate FREE
  • Contains NO fillers, additives, sugars or preservatives

About Chiro-Klenz The Colon Cleansing Tea

Since 1992, Chiro-Klenz has become one of the most popular cleansing teas in the nation.
Edom Laboratories has carefully selected various medicinal herbs to create Chiro-Klenz Tea, a safe and effective cleansing tea. Chiro-Klenz Tea contains the following natural herbs:

LOCUSTPLANT (Cassia Agustifolia, Senna): Tones and restores the digestive system as it cleanses the colon.

MALVAVERICELLATA (High Mallow): Soothing demulcent, anti-inflammatory properties that relieve irritations and promote healing when taken internally. Commonly used for constipation and mild stomach disorders.

GYNOSTEMMA (Pentaphyllum): Penta brings the weight-loss effect into play through the regulation of body fat metabolism. It does not effect the appetite or loosen the bowels.

More and more information is indicating that the toxins in our air, water and food are linked with various kinds of health disorders. We are the generation that is exposed to more environmental pollution than any other in history. We are also the same generation that is eating a daily diet of processed and genetically engineered foods. This contamination can create an inner toxic soup. Medical researchers are realizing that it is the accumulation of these toxins that may lead to fatigue, declining appearance, premature aging and disease.

Research has shown that many toxins are stored in the colon.

A toxic colon may result in a high percentage of toxins entering the blood stream polluting the entire system which leads to various forms of disease.

In order to maintain good health it is necessary to release the toxins from the colon and from the rest of the system. With Chiro-Klenz Tea you can safely and effectively cleanse your body and eliminate toxic waste.

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