Boswellia Serrata - an Efficient Supplement for Osteoarthrosis Patients
Boswellia serrata traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine. Over centuries its healing effects were appreciated and nowadays, they are scientifically proven.

The main activities of Boswellia serrata are anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, analgesic, and angiogenic. All of them are essential for such a chronic disease as osteoarthrosis. Osteoarthrosis is a degenerative joint disease. This disease causes articular bone, cartilage, and periarticular tissue damage because of the inflammatory activity. As it progresses angiogenesis of the precartiliage bone’s zone stops and tissue sclerosis appears - and this is one of the multiple mechanisms of osteoarthrosis manifestation. And unfortunately, this process is as the whole disease is painful for patients.

So what can be done? As so the etiology of osteoarthrosis is unknown the current way is to treat the consequences: such as pain(medication treatment), stiffness, and invalidation(in the worst-case scenario of the severe illness - operative treatment).

Boswellia serrata can be an excellent helper that is able to give pain relief.  Even though painkillers are always prescribed for osteoarthrosis patience, their dosage has the intention to increase over years or, there may be demand for more strong painkillers. Both options may lead a patient to drug-induced side effects when Boswellia serrata can be a more gentle solution.

Yet the most valuable result that Boswellia serrata can provide is that it may slow, or even stop disease progression. The scientific evidence of the anti-arthritic activity such as joint stiffness reducing and improvement of its functionality was achieved.

Ask your doctor about trying Boswellia serrata instead of other prescriptionmedications or as a supplement for your current osteoarthrosis treatment.  

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Chris B

Date 3/10/2021

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