Everything You Need To Know About Alcohol and Weight Loss
Are you trying to get to a healthier weight level? Ever wonder where drinking fits in with your fitness and health goals?

If you are like me, It took me a long time to figure out that I too, was unknowingly sabotaging my own efforts. I wasn't really considering how alcohol affected by weight loss goals with the exception of trying to cut out the sugar in mixed drinks and staying away from beers and ciders.

Research is clear that heavy drinkers are likely to lose weight upon quitting, The research is not so clear on moderate drinkers.

This article from Vanessa Risetto MS, RD, CDN - a registered dietician, 6 months sober and she is looking at the research.

It's a fascinating and easy read that will help give you some wisdom surrounding alcohol and weight loss.

Vanessa gives some tips for stopping or moderating Alcohol as part of your weight loss journey.

  • Alcohol Is Made Up of Selfish Calories
    • "100 calories of chicken is entirely different from 100 calories of beer, and to treat them the same would be, quite frankly, pure silliness. While alcohol does provide calories — 7 calories per gram to be exact — it’s also a nutrient-void toxin that our bodies must work very hard to process and eliminate as soon as possible."
  • Alcohol Can Hinder Weight Loss, But Not for the Reasons You Think
    • Heavy drinkers and binge drinkers are at a higher risk for obesity.
    • Drinking in moderation doesn’t appear to have a profound, long-term effect on our hormones.
    • It appears that alcohol can actually stimulate cravings.
    • The current research suggests that, if you’re a heavy drinker, and you stop drinking, you will lose weight.
  • It’s Possible to Drink Alcohol with Health Goals
    • Please don’t go anywhere starving.
    • Be mindful of serving size.
    • Have your cocktail, talk with your friends, and then stop drinking.
    • Say it with me: Seltzer in between.
    • Time limits are super helpful.
    • You don’t have to drink to have fun.
  • Bottom Line: Drinking Alcohol (or Not) Can Be a Part of Your Weight Loss Journey

 Follow the link below to read the entire article:


John Halbert

Date 7/31/2021

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