We all want to live healthier, and we all tend to hear the same advice over and over again. You know you need to exercise and eat right, but what you may not know is that there are simpler ways to take better care of your health. From your mind down to your toes, here are five super simple wellness tips that anyone can use to look and feel their best. 

Start Cleaning Your Home’s Air 

Could your home’s air be more polluted than the air outside? It may come as a surprise, but studies show that indoor pollution can be more dangerous for your health than the air outside. That’s because your home’s air can be filled with dust, dander, pollen, and toxins that can impact respiratory function for your entire family. 

The first step is to give your home a thorough cleaning, and your best bet is to hire a cleaning service for the job. Next, you can improve indoor air quality by regularly changing your air filter. While a filter may not remove 100 percent of the indoor pollutants in your home, a clean one can keep your home’s air much cleaner. Opt for an air filter with a MERV rating of at least 8, which blocks out 90 percent of harmful air particles Then you and your family can breathe easier and live healthier inside your home. 

Get More Exercise for Your Body and Brain 

Physical exercise is crucial for your overall health and a natural stress reducer as well. It also raises your mood and energy levels and can impact how long and well you sleep. Many people struggle to keep up their fitness routine, especially when traveling. Instead of falling behind, take your workout with you by saving a few of your favorite fitness videos, music stations, and exercise channels on your streaming devices. Most hotels and vacation rentals have everything you need to plug-and-play your content. You can also download fitness and wellness apps like the LadyBoss Pocket Personal Trainer to help you stay on track with your fitness goals.

You know you need to work out your muscles to keep yourself healthy, but what you may not know is that you should be working out your mind as well. Cognitive health and memory matter just as much to your long-term vitality as your physical well-being. So, set aside a few minutes every day to flex your brain and improve your memory. You can use these memory-building exercises to easily challenge your mind. They may even include activities you are already doing to stay active, including playing a new instrument and learning how to play a fresh new sport. Start practicing these habits now so you can prepare yourself for the future. 

Treat Stress Like Any Other Illness 

When we have a cold or an upset stomach, we seem to have no trouble finding solutions to make ourselves feel better. However, keep in mind that stress and illness are frequently connected. Stress can cause headaches, hives, and weight gain. In fact, that cold or unsettled stomach could even be due to chronic stress in your life. Most wellness guides will advise you to meditate to relieve stress, but that may not work for everyone. If you can’t get into mindful meditation, try some creative stress relievers to help you calm down and relax. The simple act of smiling, for instance, can activate stress-fighting chemical reactions in your brain. 

Be Sure to Floss and Brush Your Teeth 

Speaking of smiles, taking care of yours should be one of your top health practices as well. This is because the state of your oral health is linked to the health of your entire body. Potentially harmful bacteria of all kinds enter your body through your mouth, and while your body does a pretty good job of breaking them down, some bacteria can still get stuck in the form of plaque. Brushing twice a day helps break up plaque and reduces the number of harmful bacteria that can make its way into other parts of your body. Despite some recent studies, you should definitely floss as well, to keep bacteria-laden plaque from forming in-between your teeth and potentially infecting your gums or entering your bloodstream.   

Take Better Care of Your Feet 

No head-to-toe guide would be complete without mentioning your feet. Maintaining healthy feet, however, is beneficial for maintaining proper mobility throughout your life. You can keep your toes happy by taking steps to keep yourself at a healthy weight and wearing properly supportive shoes. This means ditching those high heels for workdays and choosing something more comfortable for your tired soles instead. Doing so can prevent pain and discomfort and can also preserve your feet for more adventures. 

Diet and exercise will always be important for maintaining your health. However, be sure you’re not overlooking other healthy habits as well. Long-term health and wellness take some work, but the long-term benefits are worth it!

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