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Bitters Extra by Vitanica - 30 VCaps
Bitters Extra by Vitanica - 30 VCaps

Bitters Extra by Vitanica - 30 VCaps

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Bitters Extra by Vitanica - 30 VCaps
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Bitters Extra by Vitanica

Traditional bitter herbs promote healthy digestion. Includes a full complement of plant-based digestive enzymes to support digestive functions more fully – in a convenient, easy to take capsule.*

Featured Ingredients:

• Traditional herbal bitters formulas support liver and gallbladder function, promote calming digestive health and gastric motility: Artichoke leaf, Gentian root, Burdock root, Dandelion root, Yellow dock root, Chamomile flower*
• Turmeric root is a traditional Asian botanical, also with modern research, supporting digestion and health in general*
• Aromatic and sweet herbs play an important role in traditional bitters blends: Cardamom, Ginger, Fennel
• Includes a full profile of plant based digestive enzymes, offering a thoughtful and well-rounded approach to supporting digestion*


Good digestion is a foundation of good health. Traditional herbal bitters are a popular, natural way to support digestion. The convenient capsule makes it easy to take daily or as needed, with meals.

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