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BioCleanse Capsules by Nutra BioGenesis - 120 Capsules
BioCleanse Capsules by Nutra BioGenesis - 120 Capsules

BioCleanse Capsules by Nutra BioGenesis - 120 Capsules

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BioCleanse Capsules by Nutra BioGenesis - 120 Capsules
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BioCleanse Capsules by Nutra BioGenesis


In addition to our BioCleanse functional food powder, BioGenesis offers BioCleanse capsules. 

These capsules can be used when a more intense cleansing is desired. 

In a powdered beverage, there is a limit to the amount of support nutrients that can be included and still produce a palatable product. We have overcome this objection by producing the complementary product 

BioCleanse capsules. Here, only the specialty nutrients are included. This allows your doctor to enhance your detox program. This will assist in more effective neutralization and removal of metabolic waste products, heavy metals, solvents, and any number of chemical toxins. If a stronger cleansing is desired, use BioCleanse capsules along with BioCleanse functional food powder and follow the BioCleanse diet.

Another reason for using BioCleanse capsules is for patients who simply do not wish to use a functional food powder. In this situation, we recommend BioCleanse capsules be taken along with Ultra Genesis multivitamin/mineral (iron free) capsules and the BioCleanse diet. This method provides all the anti-inflammatory ingredients without the balanced caloric benefit of the BioCleanse functional food powder. This may be a good option for patients who are traveling, when carrying a food container is not practical. Either way, your patients can benefit from the BioCleanse program in a convenient manner.

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