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Bi Yan Pian by Kan Herbs - Traditionals - 2oz
Bi Yan Pian by Kan Herbs - Traditionals - 2 Ounce

Bi Yan Pian by Kan Herbs - Traditionals - 2oz

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Bi Yan Pian by Kan Herbs - Traditionals - 2 Ounce
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Bi Yan Pian by Kan Herbs - Traditionals

Bi Yan Pian is a modern formulation designed for Wind Heat or Wind Cold invasions. When External Wind invades through the body’s Exterior, it hampers the Lung Qi’s dispersing and descending function in the nasal passages. Bi Yan Pian combines Wind expelling, Heat clearing and aromatic ingredients to open the nasal passages and the sensory orifices, transforming Phlegm. The two chief ingredients Xanthium fruit and Magnolia flower open the nasal passages, expel Wind and Dampness and direct the formula to the sinus regions. Magnolia flower dispels Wind Cold, and Phellodendron bark drains Damp Heat. Forsythia fruit clears externally contracted Wind Heat, while Anemarrhena rhizome clears internal Heat from the Lungs and Stomach and drains Fire. Chrysanthemum flower further supports the formula’s actions of dispersing Wind and clearing Heat.

Fragrant angelica root releases the Exterior, opens the orifices, especially the nose, dries Dampness and expels Wind Cold. Schizonepeta herb and Siler root dispel Wind and open the sinuses, while Schisandra fruit consolidates Lung Qi and nourishes the Kidneys. Platycodon root opens up and disseminates Lung Qi, transforms Phlegm, benefits the throat, and directs the formula to the upper body. Chinese licorice root and rhizome aids in clearing Heat in the Middle Burner, supplements the Qi and harmonizes the formula.

  • Sinusitis, rhinitis, hay fever, allergies, sinus infections. Head colds with yellow discharge and stuffiness
  • Red with yellow coating, may be pale or normal
  • Disperses Wind-Heat or Wind-Cold, opens up the nasal passages, relieves swelling and headache
  • Attack of Wind-Heat or Wind-Cold to the Lung and Yang channels of the head, blocking the sinuses and sensory orifices.

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