1. A.C. Formula II by Pure Encapsulations - 120 Capsules

A.C. Formula II by Pure Encapsulations - 120 Capsules
A.C. Formula II by Pure Encapsulations - 120 Capsules

A.C. Formula II by Pure Encapsulations - 120 Capsules

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A.C. Formula II by Pure Encapsulations - 120 Capsules
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A.C. Formula II by Pure Encapsulations

Promotes Healthy Microbial Balance*

Though it may sound odd your health depends upon a certain amount of good bacteria in your digestive tract. When you eat these bacteria work to break the food into tiny particles so that your small intestine can absorb the nutrients. Without good bacteria you may not be able to digest the food that you eat properly. Good bacteria also works with your immune system to protect you from pathogens that may cause illness and disease.

Normally you have enough good bacteria to do this job. However a poor diet can interfere with the balance of your gastrointestinal tract; this may cause such symptoms as gas bloating nausea and abdominal discomfort. It can also weaken your immune system leaving you vulnerable to illness-causing pathogens.

You can improve your digestive health and increase the number of good bacteria in your system by eating lots of fruits and vegetables. If you're not getting enough of these in your everyday diet you may want to take a natural supplement.

A.C. Formula by Pure Encapsulations contains a range of herbal ingredients for improving digestive health. The herbs and minerals in this formula work together to relieve stomach discomfort caused by imbalances in natural gut flora. A.C. Formula helps build a healthy environment for microflora like healthy yeast bacteria and fungi in the digestive tract while also boosting immunity. Some of the ingredients contained in each vegetable capsule include:


  • Barberry which promotes immune system health making it harder for unhealthy bacteria to adhere to cells through the alkaloid berberine
  • Grapefruit seed which supports a healthy balance of microbes and fungi in the intestines
  • Lavender which has a soothing effect on the lining of the colon and stomach
  • Red thyme which soothes the gastrointestinal tract
  • Undecylenic acid
Take four to six capsules of Pure Encapsulations’ A.C. Formula daily. Divide the doses equally between meals taking your pills with a full glass of water just before a meal.


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