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Xylitol Fruit Gum by Nutra BioGenesis 90 Pieces
Xylitol Fruit Gum by Nutra BioGenesis

Xylitol Fruit Gum by Nutra BioGenesis 90 Pieces

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xylitol gum nutra biogenesisXylitol Fruit Gum by Nutra BioGenesis

Used by healthcare professionals worldwide for dental health and earache prevention*

  • Great tasting
  • Helps prevent cavities
  • Has 40% fewer calories than sugar
  • Low glycemic index (7)
  • Helps prevent ear infections in children

XYLITOL PEPPERMINT MINTS AND XYLITOL FRUIT GUM are two great-tasting new ways to help prevent cavities, plaque, bad breath, and ear infections, and to support blood sugar. 

Numerous studies have been done on xylitol including WHO Hungary 1981-84, Ylivieska clinic studies 1982-85, Montreal 1985-86, and Belize 1989-93. 

These studies employed various modes of administration, such as gum, toothpaste, and confectionery. The subjects studied were of all different ages. In each of the cases, the same trend has been observed, demonstrating that xylitol significantly reduces the incidence of tooth decay when compared to controls who did not receive xylitol. The most recently conducted major study (Belize 1989-93) was also the first to directly compare the efficacy of xylitol and sorbitol gums. Children in the xylitol group showed a 70% lower risk than the "no gum" group and an almost 50% lower risk than those in the sorbitol group. Xylitol has shown itself as an extremely valuable tool in preventative dentistry.

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