1. UltraClear ® PLUS pH Pineapple Banana or Vanilla (21 servings)

UltraClear ® PLUS pH Pineapple Banana or Vanilla (21 servings)

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UltraClear ® PLUS pH Pineapple Banana

UltraClear Plus® pHis formulated to provide advanced, specialized support for balanced metabolic detoxification, including macro- and micronutrients to address liver function. Featuring potassium citrate and sesame oil, this formula helps to promote alkalinization and support Phase II liver detoxification function. UltraClear Plus pH also features L-glycine and magnesium sulfate to support Phase II detoxification activities, as well as green tea catechins, vitaminC and betacarotene to provide antioxidant protection against potentially harmful compounds generated during the natural detoxification process. 

Provided in a base of 15 g OptiProtein, 12 g of low-allergenic potential rice protein, and 3 g of added amino acids which reduces exposure to food allergens.  This formula provides well rounded nutritional support.*


  • Delivers extra support for Phase I and Phase II activity.
  • Promotes an alkaline urinary pH status and Phase II detoxification activity.

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