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Tri-Magnesium by BioGenesis 120 Capsules
Tri-Magnesium by BioGenesis

Tri-Magnesium by BioGenesis 120 Capsules

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Tri-Magnesoim by Nutra BioGenesis

Tri-Magnesium combines three highly absorbable forms of magnesium. Tri-Magnesium supports bone health, has beneficial effects on heart and cardiovascular systems, aids healthy blood sugar metabolism, and is important for muscle health.†

  • Supports bone health
  • Beneficial effect on heart and cardiovascular systems
  • Aids in healthy blood sugar metabolism
  • Important for muscle health

When choosing a magnesium supplement for your patient, consider the use of Tri-Magnesium. Tri-Magnesium is formulated with the best carrier compounds available. By using Citrate, Malate, and Glycinate carriers you can be sure Tri-Magnesium may have the highest level of absorption currently possible. Another added benefit of this product is the avoidance of alkaline carriers such as oxides or carbonates. These forms of magnesium tend to be less absorbable and can interfere with healthy digestion by blocking the normal action of stomach acids on proteins.

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