Social Distancing - the In's and Out's


The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Distancing - Covid 19

The Atlantic - The Dos and Don’ts of ‘Social Distancing’ - Experts weigh in on whether you should cancel your dates, dinner parties, and gym sessions. 3/12/20


This article gives some great guidelines for Social Distancing - how to stay connected while reducing your risk factors.

As we get daily reports of school closures and bans on large groups gathering (which are smart moves), you may be wondering if you should just hide at home until this passes.

While the recommendation may change - at this moment you don’t have to be a hermit. Do avoid large crowds, crowded spaces, and don't hang out with people who are sick. Shop at times when crowds are smaller at the store. If you must get away - go to places that are lightly populated like the country.

Do not go out or travel if you are - or think you might be sick - self quarantine is super important. Order online or have family or friends shop for you

Wash hands frequently. Keep a healthy space (a few feet) and avoid shaking hands.


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