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1. Low Energy/Fatigued

On a normal basis you should feel good and have constant energy throughout the day.  Waking in the morning feeling sluggish, completely dragging by 10:00 am, and need that caffeinated beverage in the afternoon to avoid falling asleep are all signs that your liver may be clogged, working harder to try to remove excess toxins from your body.

2.  Insomnia/Trouble Sleeping

An excessively toxic body may cause you to fall out of your natural rhythm.  This may have your sleeping habits unbalanced and irregular leading you to stay up late and waking later than you need to.  Sleep aids may not be what your body needs at all, it is telling you it needs a detox.

3.  Abdominal Fat/Weight Loss Resistance

A liver that is not working properly causes the body to be unable to metabolize fat properly.  Toxins in your body can cause more problems with an already uphill battle with weight loss.  Detoxing can help reset the body and allow your body a fresh start.

4.  Unable to Focus/Mental Fog

Some toxins can prevent your brain from firing on all cylinders.  A liver that can’t filter normally can have a build up and toxins can make their way to the brain.  Some symptoms of this could be decreased focus, mental fog, and memory loss.  When your body is clean and clear your mind will generally follow suit.

5.  Mood Swings/Depression

Toxins that make their way to your brain can not only affect your mental well being they can also affect your emotional well being as well.  Low level anxiety, mood swings, and mild depression can all be signs that a detox is needed to get your mind back in the right state.

There is a difference between mild depression, feeling down, and slight mood fluctuations and clinical depression.  Clinical depression is something that you should consult with your doctor about.

6.  Digestive Problems/Sluggish Elimination

Frequent heartburn, irregular elimination or constipation and sluggish digestion can all be signs that your digestive system needs a detox.  An efficient digestive system should eliminate and release waste approximately 3 times a day.  Waste build up in the system can produce toxins that can be re-absorbed into the body.  If you have tried to adjust your diet with fiber intake, vitamins and minerals from healthy foods and supplements and had poor results; your body could be telling you that it needs a cleansing detox.

7.  Weakened Immune System

Does it seem that you are constantly sick and catching every cold that is going around? This may mean more than just a lack of Vitamin C or environmental exposure to bacteria and viruses.  The liver plays a huge role in immune System.  The liver contains cells that fight, captures and digests bacteria, viruses, as well as many other foreign items.  Excessive toxins can decrease the body’s resources and ability to fight infections. 

8.  Skin Problems/Acne/Allergic Reactions

Skin changes such as acne breakouts, allergic reactions, yellow coloring, dry, itchy or dark spots could be excessive toxins fighting to get out.  A clean and properly functioning liver with correct release of toxins, should decrease if not eliminate one or more of these issues.  A detox might assist as well in clarifying persistent issues after the cleansing. 

A good detox program, when followed correctly, can definitely help restore balance that your body is trying to tell you it needs.

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