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Recurring Orders can be an awesome tool to save time.  However - we can forget they are on and end up getting more product than we need.  

Recurring Orders must be changed or cancelled 5 days prior to shipping date.   Of course, we will always do our best to take care of last minute needs.

Pricing on Recurring Orders may be be reviewed every 6 months.  We are under strict MAPS pricing policies from our manufacturers.  If the retail price has increased, since we last reviewed your auto shipment, we will adjust your base purchase price to match the new MSRP.  If you have a discount applied and we are able to continue to offer that discount we will.  You'll get an email when your order processes with the information.

As always, you can return a shipment for FREE by marking the UNOPENED packed as "REFUSED" and giving it back to your postal carrier or your post office.  (This works for orders shipped through USPS.)   You will be responsible for the item until it is returned to us.  If you open the package you will need to pay for returned shipping.  
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