1. Reacted Calcium by Ortho Molecular Products 180 CT

Reacted Calcium by Ortho Molecular Products 180 CT
Reacted Calcium Ortho Molecular Products

Reacted Calcium by Ortho Molecular Products 180 CT

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As of 3/22/17 Ortho Molecular is terminating online sales of its products. Once our Inventory is Gone - we will no longer be able to fulfill any Orders for Ortho Molecular Products.

Suggested Replacement:

Cal Apatite Bone Builder Forte by Metagenics

CalApatite Bone Builder Forte replaces Reacted Calcium from Ortho Molecular Products

Premium Quality Calcium / (MCHC) w Vitamin D

Respected Professional Supplement Manufacturer

This is a superior product to Reacted Calcium

Reacted Calcium by Ortho Molecular Products

Calcium is required for strong bones, heart health, muscle function, nerve transmission, intracellular signaling and hormonal secretion. It is less than 1% of total body calcium that supports these critical metabolic functions. The body uses bone tissue as a reservoir for calcium, as well as a source of calcium, to maintain constant concentrations of calcium in blood, muscle and intercellular fluids. The remaining 99% of the calcium supply in the body is stored in the bones and teeth, serving as a mineral reserve and structural support for the body.

Reacted Calcium provides three unique forms of highly-absorbed calcium to ensure maximum absorption of this important macromineral. While most calcium supplements use only a single source of calcium, which can easily overwhelm a single pathway of absorption and limit uptake, Reacted Calcium takes advantage of three unique pathways of absorption by providing calcium in the hydroxyapatite, di-calcium malate, and glycinate forms. In addition, Reacted Calcium includes vitamin D and phosphorus, both critical nutrients for bone mineralization and remodeling.

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