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Para Biotic Plus by BioGenesis 90 capsules
Para Biotic Plus by BioGenesis

Para Biotic Plus by BioGenesis 90 capsules

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Para Biotic Plus by BioGenesis

Comprehensive Support for Healthy Intestinal & Immune System Function†

- Highly effective botanicals
- Proven ingredients

PARA BIOTIC PLUS is an excellent choice in the nutraceutical management of infection in your patient population. It is safe for use in adolescents over age 12, and adults. This formula is not recommended for use during pregnancy, by nursing mothers, or by children under the age of 12. Para Biotic Plus is a safe, non-prescription alternative for infections of many types. The ingredients in Para Biotic Plus have been proven over decades of clinical use and shown effective in clinical trials. Many nutritionally oriented physicians find that specific botanicals are highly effective for treating infections and also Candida Yeast.†

BERBERIS VULGARIS has been used for centuries for lung, spleen, and liver health. Berberis is used for support of the urinary tract. Traditional uses include liver and gallbladder health and digestive support.†

Compare this item to CandiBactin AR from Metagenics.        

Warning: Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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