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Omega Superb by Thorne - lemon berry 250ml
Omega Superb by Thorne

Omega Superb by Thorne - lemon berry 250ml

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Thorne Research Omega Superb

A great-tasting fish oil supplement in liquid for children and adults*

Thorne's Omega Superb offers all the benefit of omega-3 fish oil in a great tasting lemon-berry flavored liquid that's easy to take for both adults and children.

Omega Superb helps maintain the body's normal inflammatory response in muscles and joints, supports heart, brain, nerve, and eye health, and promotes the health of cell membranes.*

The fish oil in Omega Superb undergoes molecular distillation to ensure the removal of cholesterol and contaminants, including PCBs and heavy metals. The EPA and DHA essential fatty acids in Omega Superb are in their naturally occurring triglyceride form. Omega Superb is lightly emulsified with sunflower-derived lecithin, which achieves a smooth, non-oily mouth-feel. Added astaxanthin imparts a bright orange color and extra antioxidant support.*

Lightly sweetened with monk fruit extract to enhance the fruit flavors, and naturally preserved with mixed tocopherols and rosemary.

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