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Lipoic Acid Supreme by Designs for Health 60 capsules
Lipoic Acid Supreme by Designs for Health

Lipoic Acid Supreme by Designs for Health 60 capsules

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Lipoic Acid Supreme by Designs for Health
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top rated Lipoid Acid Designs for HealthLipoic Acid Supreme by Designs for Health

Support for Health Insulin Function

This very powerful supplement contains 300 mg of lipoic acid, along with 4 mg of pure biotin and 500 mg of taurine. Research shows that lipoic acid competes for biotin-dependent enzymes. Long term supplementation of lipoic acid may reduce biotin levels, so it is recommended to supply them together. Taurine and biotin play important roles in maintaining healthy insulin function.*

Compare to Lipoic Acid from Ortho Molecular Products

with the addition of Taurine and more Biotin we believe that this is a superior formulation

Sugar (glucose) is your body’s main source of energy‚ which it gets from the carbohydrates in your eat.   Fruits‚ vegetables‚ grains and other carbs are converted into glucose‚ and then absorbed into your bloodstream. 

Your pancreas releases a hormone called insulin when it detects an increase in blood sugar.  Insulin stimulates your cells to absorb the glucose.  Your cells use the glucose to provide energy to function.

Its an essential process for your health.  A low quality diet can disrupt this process.  Eating too much sugar and heavily processed foods over time will overwork your pancreas.  This can interfere with effective insulin production and delivery.  Although there are some genetic (inherited) factors that may make you especially susceptible to this‚ you can often stave off major issues with a balanced diet‚ regular activity‚ and a supplement.

Designs for Health’s Lipoic Acid Supreme is a natural supplement that can help control your body’s ability to process glucose. It's also been studied for its effectiveness in preventing liver problems‚ minor nerve damage‚ and wrinkles due to age. Some of the ingredients contained in these vegetarian capsules include: 

  • Alpha lipoic acid—a fatty acid and antioxidant that occurs naturally in your body‚ which has been shown to help convert blood sugar into energy. 
  • Biotin—a vitamin that promotes healthy blood sugar levels. 
  • Taurine—an amino acid that helps regulate blood sugar levels and restore balance.

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