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L-Carnitine by Metagenics 30 Tablets
L-Carnitine by Metagenics

L-Carnitine by Metagenics 30 Tablets

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L-Carnitine by Metagenics
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L-Carnitine with Chromium by Metagenics

Support for Fat Metabolism

L-Carnitine with Chromium is a blend of two nutrients that play important roles in the metabolism of fat. L-Carnitine is required for the break-down of fats into energy, while chromium supports healthy glucose metabolism.*

  • Provides the amino acid L-carnitine, which mediates the transfer of fatty acids across the membranes of the mitochondria (the cell's energy producing organelles) where they are oxidized as fuel for energy.*
  • Provides the trace mineral chromium, an essential component of glucose tolerance factor (GTF) that supports glucose metabolism .*

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