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  4. Glutamine Powder by BioGenesis 300g (10.5 oz.)

Glutamine Powder by BioGenesis 300g (10.5 oz.)
Glutamine Powder by BioGenesis 300 g

Glutamine Powder by BioGenesis 300g (10.5 oz.)

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Glutamin Powder by BioGenesis

An Amino Acid supplement to help support the healthy functioning of the intestinal lining

L-GLUTAMINE is the most abundant non-essential amino acid found inside the human body. In fact, 60% of the free-floating amino acid pool in human skeletal muscle is made up of glutamine. L-glutamine has various major roles, including supporting protein synthesis and regulation of acid-base balance. It also serves as a major nitrogen donor making it a key component of restoring nitrogen balance. L-glutamine is considered a non-essential amino acid due to the body’s ability to biochemically synthesize it from other sources. Research has shown, however, that glutamine may become conditionally essential in times of stress or injury due to its important role in creating and maintaining muscle mass and other tissues. L-glutamine has been shown helpful in promoting recovery after serious injury or illnesses, burns, or other major trauma. As a result, many hospitals incorporate L-glutamine into their enteral and parenteral feeding regimens in order to facilitate regeneration of tissues as well as support healthy immune activity. In a study of major burn victims, it was shown that supplementing patients with L-glutamine enriched enteral feeding solutions helped promote the synthesis of IgA and IgG and corrected immunologic dysfunction in burn patients. L-glutamine’s role in maintaining muscle tissue has also lead to its prevalent use among competitive athletes and weight lifters.

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