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Glnd-gen by Genestra - 0.5 fl oz
Glnd-gen by Genestra - 0.5 fl oz

Glnd-gen by Genestra - 0.5 fl oz

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Glnd-gen by Genestra - 0.5 fl oz
SKU: Gen156
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Glnd-gen by Genestra Brands 

Glnd-gen is a synergistic blend of phytotherapeutic herbs to support hormone metabolism in men and women by stimulating the glands and promoting liver function for the elimination of excess hormones. White Birch Bud stimulates the liver. Rosemary, due to the livers actions in the steroidogenic pathway, balances the hormones in both men and women. For women, it aids in the treatment of hormonal acne. Raspberry is used for ovarian dysfunction and female hypogonadal conditions, as is evident from its doctrine of signatures. Raspberry is used as an ovarian stimulant to enhance estrogen and progesterone production in cases of a female hypogonadism and precocious climacteric states. It is the main female anti-senescence remedy.

Main Functional Support
Supports hormone balance in men and women

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