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Ener-gen by Genestra - 0.5 fl oz
Ener-gen by Genestra - 0.5 fl oz

Ener-gen by Genestra - 0.5 fl oz

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Ener-gen by Genestra - 0.5 fl oz
SKU: Gen132
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Ener-gen by Genestra Brands

Ener-gen is a remarkable tonic for fatigued individuals. It works on many different levels to help awaken the vital healing forces needed to properly respond to chronic conditions that have not responded to treatments due to an insufficient healing response. It works to counter senescence by stimulating noradrenalin, tonifes the glandular systems and acts as an adaptogenic. It aids the microflora to facilitate proper intestinal absorption of vitamins, minerals and enzymes necessary for proper biochemical reactions. In addition, it is rich in nutrients essential for breaking down immunological chain reactions and to balance chronic inflammations that deplete the organism of vital energies.

Main Functional Support
Rebuilds physical strength

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