1. E Complex 1:1 by Metagenics 60

E Complex 1:1 by Metagenics 60
E Complex-1:1 by Metagenics

E Complex 1:1 by Metagenics 60

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E Complex 1:1 by Metagenics
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E Complex-1:1 by Metagenics

1:1 Ratio of Alpha and Gamma Tocopherols

E Complex-1:1 is a pure, un-esterified vitamin E formula that features d-alpha tocopherol combined with a mixed tocopherol blend, achieving a one-to-one ratio of alpha to gamma tocopherols. This unique formula is designed to provide the antioxidant benefits that come from consuming a comprehensive family of tocopherols.

  • Vitamin E inhibits protein kinase C activity, which supports cellular health in several types, including smooth, muscle, platelets, and monocytes.*
  • Delivers an especially powerful blend of different tocopherols for a broader range of antioxidant protection against the ravages of free radicals.*
  • Provides balanced levels of gamma- and alpha-tocopherols that are more closely associated with consumption of vitamin E-rich foods.*
  • Provides gamma-tocopherol for unique antioxidant protection.*

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