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  5. Cholest-Plex by Priority One 120 Capsules

Cholest-Plex by Priority One 120 Capsules
Cholest-Plex by Priority One

Cholest-Plex by Priority One 120 Capsules

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Cholest-Plex by Priority One
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Cholest-Plex by Priority One

Natural Cholesterol Level Support

Combines targeted heart-health ingredients that naturally support cholesterol levels already within normal range

  • Supports normal triglyceride and LDL levels
  • Modulates HMG-CoA reductase with antioxidant tocotrienols
  • Optimizes circulation and supports heart health
  • Promotes blood vessel integrity and flexibility

Unique Properties

Thirty Four million American adults have high cholesterol levels. While synthetic cholesterol drugs can help, they may also sometimes have undesirable side effects, interactions or nutrient depletion issues. 

Patient One designed Cholest-Plex to be a gentle, well-tolerated natural formula for maintaining cholesterol levels already within normal range. Cholest-Plex combines evidence-backed natural ingredients in use for millennia with the latest patented advancements for cholesterol control. Presented in ideal nutritional potencies and ratios, Cholest-Plex balances cardiovascular wellness via diverse biological pathways, blocking cholesterol absorption and synthesis, promoting blood vessel flexibility, regulating inflammation and enhancing endothelial function.

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