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Candida Control by Enzyme Science
Candida Control by Enzyme Science label

Candida Control by Enzyme Science

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Candida Control by Enzyme Science

Enzyme Science - Candida Control, Supports Yeast and Bacteria Balance to Promote Vaginal Health and to Help Reduce Gas and Indigestion with Probiotics

1 Billion CFU, Vegetarian,

84 Capsules


  • BELLY FULL OF BENEFITS: Candida Control is a probiotic-containing formula that promotes digestion and balanced microflora to help reduce occasional uncomfortable gas, bloating, indigestion, and fatigue.
  • BEST WHEN BALANCED: Our blend of probiotics helps balance the bacteria in the gut by gently cleansing the digestive system.
  • FAR-REACHING BENEFITS: Balance in the stomach lets your body operate a little smoother, and is particularly helpful for digestive, vaginal, and urinary health.
  • ANTIOXIDANTS: The combination of probiotics and broccoli seed extract provides antioxidant support to trigger enzymes responsible for clearing out free radicals.

Candida Control™ utilizes a combination of enzymes, probiotics and a botanical extract to naturally maintain a healthy balance of intestinal microflora.* Maintaining a healthy balance of fungal and bacterial flora is crucial for optimal health as it renews the body’s energy and keeps the immune and digestive systems functioning optimally.*

The advanced formula has cellulase to break down the yeast cell wall, while protease digests the interior proteins.* Broccoli seed extract naturally contains sulforaphane commonly known for playing a positive role in the body’s detoxification process.* A blend of lactobacillus species has been included to encourage good bacteria to flourish.* This combination provides a gentle, cleansing effect without harsh discomforts common to cleansing.

Click image to download Candida Control detox pdf:

 Candida Control detox program

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