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  5. BioInflaMax Berry by BioGenesis 1.7lbs

BioInflaMax Berry by BioGenesis 1.7lbs
BioInflaMax Berry by BioGenesis

BioInflaMax Berry by BioGenesis 1.7lbs

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BioInflaMax Berry
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BioInflaMax Berry by BioGenesis

Advanced Nutritional Support for the Management of Compromised Gut Function in IBD

BioInflaMax Berry features a select blend of herbs and nutritional factors intended to provide nutritive support for body comfort.

(Formerly called BioInflammatory Plus Berry by BioGenesis)

Like InflammaCore and UltraInflamX, this is a nutritional meal replacement that is designed to provide nutrition without promoting an allergic or inflamed reaction.  As with any of these types of products read the labels to make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.  

"Biogenesis is unique in separating some of the more intense ingredients (including the ones that taste bad in a drink mix) into a separate capsule dosage - BioInflaMax capsules.  Why? because most of these other medical foods are not very tasty. That's why I LOVE this product!"  

14 servings

BioInflaMaxIn addition to our BioInflaMax functional food powder, BioGenesis offers BioInflaMax capsules.

These capsules can be used when a more intense anti-inflammatory treatment is desired.

There is a limit to the amount of support nutrients that can be included in a powdered beverage and still produce a palatable product that patients will consume. We have overcome this objection by producing a complementary product: BioInflammatory Plus capsules.

Here only the specialty nutrients are included. This allows you to “beef up” your anti-inflammatory program. This will assist in more effective neutralization and removal of free radical inflammatory agents, metabolic waste products, heavy metals, solvents, and any number of chemical toxins.

IF AN INCREASED ANTI-INFLAMMATORY ACTION IS DESIRED, use BioInflaMax capsules along with BioInflaMax powder and the BioInflaMax diet.

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