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Aller-C by Vital Nutrients 100 or 200 Capsules
Aller-C by Vital Nutrients

Aller-C by Vital Nutrients 100 or 200 Capsules

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Aller-C by Vital Nutrients
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Aller-C by Vital Nutrients

Respiratory & Sinus Support*
  • contains Quercetin and Hesperidin
  • maintains normal respiratory and sinus function*
  • supports stable mast cells*

ALLER-C is a potent and effective combination formula.* Quercetin and Hesperidin (from Citrus Bioflavonoids) have been shown to be two of the most useful and physiologically active flavonoids.* This formula can be used for maintaining and supporting proper levels of enzymes and physiologic factors necessary for normal respiratory and sinus function.*

Vital Nutrients’ Aller-C 200 capsules is an over-the-counter supplement containing a combination of nutrients that work together to help moderate your body's inflammatory response. Taking this supplement helps your body respond better to things that trigger inflammation.

This includes both air born allergens and food allergens.

Aller-C is a great alternative to Natural D-Hist and D-Hist Jr from Ortho Molecular Products.  

It boast a much larger supply of Quercetn, however it does not include Nettle or N-Acetylcysteine.  Try it and see for yourself!

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