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  4. 5-HTP w/SRT by Jigsaw Health - 120 Tablets

5-HTP w/SRT by Jigsaw Health - 120 Tablets
5-HTP w/SRT by Jigsaw Health - 120 Tablets

5-HTP w/SRT by Jigsaw Health - 120 Tablets

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5-HTP w/SRT 100 mg by Jigsaw Health - 120 Tablets
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Jigsaw 5-htp with sustained release technology 100mg
5-HTP w/SRT by Jigsaw Health

Finally, a 5-HTP That Provides All Of The Benefits — And None Of The Drawbacks!

  • Jigsaw Health 5-HTP propriety sustained release technology makes 5-HTP work longer and better.
  • Often allows you to take less... saving you money!
  • Eliminates the nausea that often occurs with 5-HTP.
  • Only the highest quality 5-HTP from Europe, not China.

What Is "SRT" And Why Is It So Important?

First, 5-HTP has a very short half-life in the body — only about 90 minutes. That means that it is gone from the body very rapidly after being consumed. This is the reason that most people who take 5-HTP often need to take many doses throughout the day in order to maintain the effect.

5-htp by Jigsaw with sustained release technology

The other problem with non-sustained release formulas is that when you dump a lot of 5-HTP into the GI tract all at once, it is rapidly converted to serotonin right there

What you really want though, is for the majority of 5-HTP to be converted to serotonin in the brain. So releasing it over a longer period of time allows the 5-HTP to be gradually absorbed and converted where it is most needed... in the brain.

Not only is this better for seeing a more long-lasting effect, but it can also help avoid stomach upset which some people experience as a side effect when 5-HTP is dumped into the intestinal tract all at once.

For most people, sustained release technology will also provide the ability to take a lower dose of 5-HTP, while still having the same — if not even greater — benefits.

What Can Jigsaw 5-HTP Help Me With?*

  • Promote a balanced stress response.*
  • Support restful sleep.*
  • Maintain mental and emotional well-being.*
  • Support stable mood.*

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