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4Sight by Ortho Molecular Products 60 or 120 Capsules
4Sight by Ortho Molecular Products

4Sight by Ortho Molecular Products 60 or 120 Capsules

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As of 3/22/17 Ortho Molecular is terminating online sales of its products. Once our Inventory is Gone - we will no longer be able to fulfill any Orders for Ortho Molecular Products.

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Respected Professional Supplement Manufacturer

4Sight by Ortho Molecular Products

4Sight provides excellent support for those who want to maintain eye health and also for those seeking macular support as they age.

Clinical Applications

  • Provides Key Antioxidant Support for Eyes
  • Supports Macular Health
  • Protects Macula Against Light Damage
  • Increases Ocular Circulation


In the United States, eye health is a major concern for those over 60 years of age. The eye is the most susceptible organ to oxidative damage caused by light, toxins (smoke), atmospheric oxygen and abrasion. As ultraviolet and blue light pass through the retina to the photoreceptors (rods and cones) and the pigmented epithelial (PE) cells, reactive oxygen species (free radicals) are generated. The conversion of this light energy into a nerve impulse by the photoreceptors generates free radicals; therefore if there are insufficient antioxidants available to neutralize them, the eye undergoes excessive oxidative damage.

4Sight was formulated with a specific blend of botanicals, nutrients, antioxidants and minerals, shown in research to support healthy eye function. The formula provides potent antioxidant support as well as key nutrients to care for and maintain the long-term health of the eyes.

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