PhysioLogics Thyroid Support Formula - Click for Replacement Product
PhysioLogics Thyroid Support Formula

PhysioLogics Thyroid Support Formula - Click for Replacement Product

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Thyroid Support Formula by PhysioLogics has been Discontinued

Suggested replacement: Thyro Benefits by Davinci Labs

Thyro Benefits DaVinci LabsThyro Benefits replaces Thyroid Support Formula

Includes nutritional support and glandular thyroid.

PhysioLogics Thyroid Support Formula - Fast Facts

PhysioLogics Thyroid Support Formula® supplies several important nutrients that support thyroid function.

PhysioLogics Thyroid Support Formula® supports the thyroid gland by providing Iodine to promote healthy thyroid function. In addition, this formula delivers a unique blend of nutrients including Riboflavin, Niacin and Vitamin B-6 to help support proper metabolic functioning, energy metabolism and healthy skin and hair.

More Info

  • A cross-sectional study conducted in Denmark examined the effect of mandatory iodization of salt on the structure and function of the thyroid. This fortification was estimated to increase median iodine intake to 150 mcg/day. After four years, the population studied exhibited significant overall improvement in thyroid structure and function. (Vejbjerg et al, 2007)
  • This review stated that the synthesis of thyroid hormone requires the presence of Iodine and the amino acid L-Tyrosine, both of which are present in PhysioLogics Thyroid Support Formula®. (Kirsten, 2000)

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