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The Best Natural Aromatherapy Essential Oils

The use of natural essential oils for aromatherapy is an ancient and time-honored tradition that’s been improving moods and lifting spirits for thousands of years. Aromatherapy oils are genuine reflections of the botanicals from which they’re borne. When these natural extracts are diffused they can inspire, energize, soothe, and encourage wellness and peace of mind.

  • The use of essential oils as fragrances dates back almost 6,000 years, and they’ve been used by a variety of cultures and ethnicities.

  • Essential oils were used for therapeutic, hygienic, spiritual and ritualistic purposes, and in many cultures they still are to this day.

  • Today essential oils are primarily used in therapeutic settings to help achieve a positive mood and bring about relaxation. Studies indicate that certain essential oils may help with the occasional stress and anxiety associated with everyday life, but more research is needed.

  • Almost anyone can enjoy the benefits of an aromatherapy oil, but certain individuals, such as pregnant women, persons with allergies, and those with respiratory conditions such as asthma should only use essential oils for aromatherapy under the guidance of a trained professional.

  • Keep in mind that essential oils are highly concentrated botanical extracts and should never be ingested or applied to skin at full strength. Consult a professional aromatherapist or an accredited reference on aromatherapy for advice on these uses.

What goes into the best quality essential oils? Loving attention to detail from start to finish, insistence on the best raw materials, gentle processing methods, and an industry-leading commitment to quality.

Ready to explore the best aromatherapy oils for your natural lifestyle? Start browsing our fantastic selection of organic essential oils, pure essential oils and essential oil blends here!

Family Pure, Family Safe

At NOW, we have worked with diligence, passion, and understanding to develop a line of superior personal care products. Our collection products have been thoroughly researched, scientifically formulated, and painstakingly tested to be of the highest grade possible. Family Pure, Family Safe is more than just a creative slogan to us. It is a personification of our collective desire to bring you products that we proudly and confidently recommend to our own family and loved ones. Since 1968, NOW has remained committed to using ingredients that are As Natural As Possible™, delivered in secure packaging that offers full disclosure in an easy to understand manner.

Looking forward, we will continue to develop and manufacture personal care products that reflect these values. Though choice raw materials, industry leading expertise and a Naturally Enhanced Preservative System (SM) that minimizes the use of harsh preservatives, we’re confident that you will find NOW® Solutions products to be among the finest available anywhere.

State-of-the-Art Facility

NOW’s 263,000 square foot facility is widely regarded as one of the most scientifically-advanced in the natural products industry. In addition to a thermostatically-controlled, space-maximizing warehouse, precision-inspired operations division, and temperature sensitive storage and refrigeration areas, NOW’s corporate facility also contains several in-house laboratories. Not only does this expedite the testing of raw materials, samples, and finished products, it allows for a level of quality control that is virtually unmatched within the Natural Products Industry. Ultimately, NOW’s facility plays a pivotal role in our ability to achieve consistent levels of quality, efficacy, and safety.
In March of 2009, NOW completed an expansion project which added a total of 54,000 square feet of new manufacturing and laboratory space to accommodate NOW’s current and future growth.

The two-story expansion project added 27,000 square feet per level and houses a number of new facilities. The new levels include four new state of the art labs, including physical, micro, cosmetic, and food testing facilities. The addition of Real Time Lab Capability, along with a dedicated Prep lab allows NOW scientists the opportunity for increased environmental isolation during product development and testing. In addition, the expansion includes the construction of additional office space, with over two dozen new employee cubicles, five additional offices, and a dedicated area for photography and imaging.

According to Dan Mirjanic, NOW’s Engineering Manager, “This expansion is ultimately going to enable a whole new level of technological advancement within the NOW organization.” He added, “The entire facility will be fully cGMP compliant, and many measures have been implemented to accommodate both current and future growth.”
In keeping with NOW’s tradition of Operations and Engineering excellence, several design features have been utilized to ensure safety and organizational efficiency. These include, but are not limited to, the installation of epoxy-coated flooring, plastic-coated wall structures, and dedicated heating & air conditioning units.

Testing is Fundamental

The testing of raw materials, in-process formulas and finished products is an ongoing responsibility at NOW. Experienced, educated, and highly trained technicians rely on the latest technology to perform a variety of tests throughout the entire manufacturing process. These include Identity, Potency, Microbial, Organoleptic, and Contamination. And while each type of test is important in manufacturing quality products, Microbial testing is critical in ensuring that NOW products are safe and free of biological contamination. A technologically-advanced, in-house microbiology lab that allows NOW scientists to provide unparalleled quality microbiological control in a timely manner, using rapid method analysis.

NOW has made substantial investments in the development and staffing of our various in-house laboratories. Also, NOW is one of the very few vitamin suppliers capable of testing for microbes in-house, allowing for greater control standards. NOW’s investment ensures that the company will be able to meet ever increasing demands for accurate product analysis of herbal and nutritional raw materials, as well as finished consumer products.

These initiatives offer a wide range of health and productivity benefits, reducing the risk for potential cross contamination. With the expansion completed, NOW will be even better prepared to meet the needs of our retailers and to fulfill our mission to empower people to lead healthier lives.

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