Lithium Orotate by Ortho Molecular Products 60 CT
Lithium Orotate by Ortho Molecular Products

Lithium Orotate by Ortho Molecular Products 60 CT

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Lithium Orotate

w N-acetyl-cysteine

for added brain protection

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Lithium Orotate by Ortho Molecular Products

Though its exact mechanism of action in the brain is still unidentified, lithium has been shown in the research to boost neurotransmitter activity, including that of dopamine and serotonin, and to reduce the activity of the excitatory brain chemical glutamate. It also plays a role in the gene expression of natural detoxification enzymes in the brain, including glutathiones-transferase, offering important brain antioxidant protection, contributing to better cognitive health and memory. Other research has shown it to increase DHA in the brain, and even to promote cognitive longevity.

Lithium orotate is the lithium salt of orotic acid, commonly used to boost mood. This formulation of Lithium Orotate includes 10 mg per capsule for a wide range of protocols.

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