Auto Ship

Never run out of supplements again!

Set up regular delivery of items you use every day. Very convenient and reliable.

Easy to start - easy to modify and/or stop.

Relax and enjoy the benefits of automatic shipments today!

  • Monthly Discounts
  • Free Shipping & No Sales Tax
  • All the Top Brands Available
  • 21, 30, 45, 60, 90, or 120 days Delivery Intervals
  • No Hassle Changes to your Autoship Orders

  • Autoship Plan Details:

    Monthly discounts awarded to Auto Reorder customers are as listed below:

    Amount of OrderDiscountUse Coupon Code
    $50.00 - 100.005%auto5
    100.01 +10%auto10

    Payments: The credit card used to set up the initial Auto Reorder transaction will be charged for subsequent transactions. You may log in and change your billing info at any time.

    By placing an Auto Reorder transaction, you authorize us to charge your credit card for subsequent Auto Reorder transactions until you cancel your Auto Reorder.

    Discounts: Receiving the special discounts off the first and subsequent orders require a minimum of 6 months enrollment in the Auto Reorder program. Cancellation prior to the 6 months will constitute a charge in the amount of the promotional discounts accepted on the the product orders received.

    Cancellation: Cancellation of Autoship Reorder's must be received 14 days PRIOR to shipment date.

    Minimum Purchase: The sum total of each Auto Reorder must be equal or greater than $50. If your order is less than $50 you can still use this program, however the orders will simple be bundled together and sent at a doubled interval. (EX. If your order equals $25 and you want your product reordered every month you will actually have your order doubled and you will receive your products every other month.)

    All manufacturers qualify for the Auto Reorder program. Not all brands are listed on the website. Just ask! If we do not have it listed we can probably get it.

    Ready to sign up? Simply continue shopping and choose the frequency to have products automatically shipped to you from the product page.

    Questions? Call us! 800-366-5992